10th of January, 2022
teaching, dev

dashingDev – after the successful Kickstarter campaign, the content is now available online
by Tom Rothe

14th of March, 2021
linux, ops

AWK Tutorial – awk is the mighty sword when we need to handle text. Here is a quick intro video.
by Tom Rothe

13th of March, 2021
rails, ruby, ops

Dead simple Rails monitoring – Observability, performance monitoring and instrumentation. Big words. There are a lot of great tools keep tabs on Ruby on Rails applications. Yet, sometimes a little less is more. Let's create a dead simple solution...
by Tom Rothe

20th of February, 2021
linux, ops

SED Tutorial – sed is a great tool for working with text. Here is a quick primer.
by Tom Rothe

23rd of August, 2020
rails, ruby, testing

Behavior-Driven Test Data – Don't discard the database state at the end of your test. Use it!
by Tom Rothe

30th of July, 2019
css, rem, responsive

The Beauty of REM – How to create a fully responsive web page with just two media queries.
by Valentina Versari, Tom Rothe

6th of May, 2019
css-grid, cross-browser

CSS Grid and IE11 – How a little Javascript helped us make peace with CSS Grid and IE11.
by Valentina Versari, Tom Rothe

12th of April, 2019
rails, json

JSON dynamic attributes with Rails – We had a tricky problem. We knew that the columns for one particular model would need to change over time. That was easily solved with a JSON field, but we also wanted to support validations on this field – validations that are assigned to the model at the time of creation.
by Heitor Silva

1st of October, 2018

Rails Parts – When we restarted developing an application from scratch, I stumbled upon a great way to split the files in your Rails app into different parts.

23rd of May, 2016
games, leisure

Our cross boule rules – Cross boule is Boules with Hacky Sacks, but the rules of this great game are sometimes not quite clear...

11th of February, 2016

C++ style guide lineup – Recently, I was recently asked to help out in a C++ project. One of the first things, I realized – apart from the horrible lack of documentation – was that there was no coding style.

14th of January, 2016
teaching, C/C++

Creativity is a great motivator – After a few years teaching a beginners course, I realized that using creativity is a great motivator to learn programming. Even in a technical field like software engineering, even with logic-driven students, the desire to create and express oneself is stimulating and inspiring.